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Pitch Control Public Relations provides forward-thinking strategies and implement innovative campaigns that resonate with a targeted audience. Comprised of individuals who are not only connected to, but participate in the scene, Pitch Control PR has an insider's point of view that provides an added level of credibility to its clients.


Established in 2005 by Sarah Cirkiel, Pitch Control PR is fueled by a successful, results-driven track record and exemplary client services reputation. The company and its staff excel at creating cutting-edge campaigns that employ a nuanced approach to generate public interest and buzz. This makes the agency an invaluable asset to its clients – enabling them to stay ahead of the game in today’s dynamic landscape of progressive media and PR. Pitch Control PR uses a synergistic approach with its clients when pitching each brand’s unique story. We target the right audience to secure maximum exposure in the most influential circles defining the direction of today’s media.

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